D10.8 – IANOS Exploitation Plan

This document provides this first version a view on the methodology and a preliminary overview of the main Key Exploitable Results (KERs) under a market perspective as well as an analysis of the IANOS partners responsible for their development, focusing on the related IPR management.

D6.5 – Terceira system integration report

This document aims to provide a comprehensive guide to be used by the involved parties, including local installers, for the correct “installation, integration, and commissioning” of the technologies to be deployed on the Terceira pilot.

D6.4 – Terceira’s Use Cases Deployment Plan Report

The document aims to propose the follow-up approach to the deployment of a set of solutions initially characterised in Terceira’s technologies roadmap, key to implement and operate the use cases defined for Terceira.

D5.4 – Ameland UCs Deployment Plan report

This document presents a definition of the implementation guidelines for the assets involved in the 9 Technical Use Cases of IANOS project that will be demonstrated in the pilot sites of Ameland along with detailing issues on legal matters, involvement of the community and risks involved.