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Benefits for EU community

IANOS focuses on maximum provision and utilisation of flexibility and self-sufficiency through the use of distributed renewable energy and storage technologies. IANOS streamlines the decision-making process towards tailor-made solutions taking into account the specific conditions of islands through the Island Energy Planning and Transition Suite and artificial intelligence based virtual power plant. In this way, IANOS will demonstrate a rich portfolio of solutions towards full decarbonisation, increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the energy mix and exploiting the resources of islands, including geothermal, wind, tidal and solar energy. Thus IANOS provides the following benefits for the EU community:

  • IANOS solutions will be scalable and replicable: scalability refers to the possibility of increasing the size of a project without compromising its efficiency and effectiveness whereas replicability refers to the possibility of applying the same solution/technology to achieve the same objective on a different island.
  • IANOS will develop and test innovative business models while taking into account the principles of circular economy. That means rethinking and redesigning urban development in order to minimise waste streams, promote maximum re-use and recycling and develop novel synergies among businesses to reduce usage of raw materials.
  • IANOS solutions and its business models enable groups of citizens, social entrepreneurs, public authorities and community organisations to participate directly in the energy transition by jointly investing in, producing, storing and selling energy.
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