D4.9 – iVPP P2P transactive energy framework

This document describes the implementation and operation of a marketplace that manages the exchange of energy within a community of prosumers levering on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

D4.3 – iVPP Forecasting Engine

This document describes the first version of the IANOS iVPP forecasting engine, which is responsible for providing the necessary forecasts for all the uncertainties in every time horizon and spatial distribution.

D4.1 – iVPP secure data monitoring and governance

This document shows the development of the mechanisms in the IANOS project that assure the secure APIs and communication pipelines that will be developed for sending the required information in-between VPP with field devices and VPP with external systems.

D3.3 – Equity crowdfunding tool for Community-driven Investments

This document presents the first version of IANOS Equity Crowdfunding platform which will provide all stakeholders with the opportunity to fund future initiatives in exchange for shares in the project or to register their future projects for funding through the CrowdEquity Platform.