D1.11 – Ethics and Cyber Security Management report V2

This document aims to guarantee the correct course of the project activities in fully compliance with General Data Protection Regulation cyber security guidelines to safeguard the consumers’ privacy through the anonymization and data aggregation and is an updated version of D1.10.

D10.9 – IANOS Exploitation Plan V2

This document provides this second view on the methodology and a preliminary overview of the main Key Exploitable Results (KERs) under a market perspective as well as an analysis of the IANOS partners responsible for their development, focusing on the related IPR management.

D2.9 – IANOS KPIs and evaluation metrics report

This report sets the foundation for the monitoring and the evaluation of IANOS interventions in the two Lighthouse and three Fellow islands by defining appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and is an updated version of D2.7 & D.2.8.

D10.6 – Report on Dissemination Actions

This report provides an overview of the actions through which IANOS information and knowledge has been disseminated throughout the first 24 months of the project.