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EFACEC’s Hybrid Transformer: Innovation in EDA’s Distribution Grid Operation

April 19, 2024
 - 12:00

hybrid transformer in operation

The Hybrid Transformer, one of the innovative technologies from the IANOS project pilot in Terceira, fully developed by EFACEC, began operating in EDA’s distribution grid on April 19th.

This distribution transformer, with a voltage level of 15 kV / 400 V and low losses performance, is equipped with the first DVR (Dynamic Voltage Regulator) developed under the project. Its innovative functions include dynamic and continuous control of voltages as well as other relevant aspects of energy distribution, significantly contributing to the stabilization of low-voltage distribution grids.

The developed Hybrid Transformer reduces no-load losses, resulting in a 22% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a standard Tier 2 transformer. It is an intelligent asset, integrating a layer of digitization that allows for real-time remote monitoring.

This advancement represents an important step towards sustainability and energy efficiency, reaffirming EFACEC’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology.


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