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European Actions towards Geographical Islands Decarbonisation

The second edition.
September 9, 2022
 - 09:00

Room 4, Université Côte d’Azur (I.A.E. Ecole Universitaire de Management) – Campus Saint-Jean d’Angély Nice, (FR).

This year the second edition of the islands’ decarbonisation and clean energy transition workshop at Sustainable Places has been organised and promoted by RINA Consulting partners of IANOS. The event, entitled “European Actions towards Geographical Islands Decarbonisation”, will look forward the reinforcement of the synergies already created among the Horizon 2020 sister projects NESOI (GA n°864266), INSULAE (GA n°824433), REACT (GA n° 824395), ROBINSON (GA n°957752), MAESHA (GA n° 957843), GIFT (GA 824410) and ISLANDER (GA 957669), already involved within the EU BRIDGE and Clean Energy for European Islands initiatives.

This workshop will threat different thematic in the field, thus will be constituted by two consecutive sessions where the representatives from the consortia will present their point of view:

  • EU funding schemes to support small and medium islands toward smart energy management and decarbonisation pathways – involving speakers from NESOI and ISLANDER projects
  • Technical project presentations: each project representative presenting the innovative aspects of their EU project, projects’ goals and replicability studies/experience from the pilot/demo island.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the projects’ representatives and coordinators at the event!

The event is hybrid, you can attend physically or register as online listeners!

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