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IANOS partners’ presentation: CERTH

January 19, 2022
January 20, 2022

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Interview to the IANOS partner, Nikolaos Nikolopoulos, from CERTH

ianos partner presentation certh


Dr Nikolopoulos, what is your organisation’s role?

CERTH’s main role in the project it to function as technical coordinator. This means that we keep an eye on the various innovative technologies that are being deployed throughout the project’s lifetime, ensuring that there is real innovation as well as that the technology deployment occurs in an integrated way and according to the IANOS plan. CERTH also supervises and supports technically the development of the IANOS Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform, orchestrating the various grid assets operation in the two Light Houses and assesses the energy and environmental impact of the project by performing dedicated LCA and LCC analyses, as carrying out power system simulations.

How is your organization contributing to achieving IANOS’s goals?

CERTH is providing technical expertise and acts as a central hub of information exchange. Our goal is to ensure that the vast number of partners working on the project deliver according to the plan, and that the various technologies can be integrated together and properly tested during the project’s pilot phase. Finally, CERTH performs the VPP technical supervision and relevant technological advancements by the various technology vendors and conducts LCA and LCC analyses for the IANOS technologies as well as power system modelling, using house built software platforms.

How does IANOS relate with you and your team’s background and interests?

IANOS is a project aiming to decarbonize EU islands, and to help increase the uptake of synergetic renewable energy technologies. CERTH is active in numerous EU projects relevant to renewable energy systems, their modelling as well as their environmental and economic impact– and IANOS is therefore a clear match to our interests. Our team of people working on the project are all highly trained in the relevant subject areas and with a clear interest on issues relevant to energy systems and new technologies.

What are the main challenges that you expect to face in the project? How can it become an opportunity?

Some of the challenges that we expect to face are either technical, or societal. On the technical front, attention will need to be given to integrating the numerous energy technologies together. This integration will take place through an intelligent VPP. On the societal front, it will be crucial to gain widespread societal acceptance for the project by the local island communities. After all, our efforts to decarbonize the islands place them at the centre stage both in terms of production of clean energy, as well as its consumption.

What positive impacts will the projects have once completed?

Once completed, the project should have achieved an increased penetration of renewable energy production on our light house islands. It will also have made islands’ power grids more diversified and resilient. These in turn should allow for the improved decarbonization of the islands. Furthermore, the project’s results will be replicated to our fellow islands, as well as across a wide range of other EU islands, thus providing a significant boost in terms of impact

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