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Recap Capacity Building Training Session on Lampedusa Island

Community training for citizens, stakeholders and students from Lampedusa
November 27, 2023

IANOS Fellow Island Lampedusa has one of the most famous turtle sanctuaries in Italy. The place of birth for hundreds of sea turtles of the species caretta caretta. In a similar way to being a birthplace for sea turtles, Lampedusa has a great potential to be a birthplace of green and sustainable energy innovations. With plenty of capacity for solar and wind energy and with an expensive and polluting fossil energy supply, decarbonisation can solve an array of issues on the beautiful Pelagian island.

Inspired by Lampedusa’s unique potential, the IANOS team embarked on a series of capacity building training sessions for Lampedusans – citizens, stakeholders, and students. Between the 22nd and 27th of November, a total of 8 training sessions took place in the marine protected area and in the local school where we demystified climate change and decarbonisation of the island. We emphasised the role that renewable energy, energy communities and behaviour change can play in collectively decarbonising Lampedusa. The trainings reached around an impressive 200 people that were involved in:

  • 1 citizen training for all Lampedusans interested in discussing decarbonisation
  • 1 stakeholder training for formal and informal leaders
  • 6 trainings for school students ranging from 10 to 18 years of age

With the incredible support of local Lampedusan Pietro Spataro of Climate Standard, we educated, workshopped and discussed the steps towards a green future across generations. We were lucky to be joined by a delegation from Fellow Island Nisyros, consisting of Andreas Sfakianakis and Vasiliki Gemini. The Nisyrian delegation took home a backpack of inspiration to apply on the capacity building training planned to take place on Nisyros in the spring of 2024.

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