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Capacity Building training session on Terceira Island

Applying the Train-the-trainer approach on the pilot island
July 4, 2023

How can citizens and stakeholders be engaged in the energy transition on islands? Which benefits and challenges do local parties foresee in developing renewable energy? How can we overcome such challenges? These and many more questions are the focus of the Capacity Building training sessions taking between the 4th and 6th of July 2023 on the pilot island of Terceira in the Azores, Portugal.

By organising interactive workshops and training sessions, the aim of the events is to build the capacity in local citizens and stakeholders to undertake citizen engagement activities in the local energy transition on the long term. The sessions are following a “Train-the-trainer” method tailored to the island. With this, we aim to secure a sustainable citizen engagement process that may continue beyond the scope of the IANOS project.

Training on the pilot Island of Terceira

Three separate trainings are planned on Terceira: A training for local stakeholders and informal leaders; a training for employees of the local school; and a training for other citizens of Terceira.

The first part of the sessions will include an introduction to the IANOS project, an overview of renewable energy and initiatives undertaken on Terceira, and an introduction to energy communities.

The second part will take the form of a workshop World Café session and a roundtable discussion. This interactive method aims to ensure that citizens and stakeholders can freely provide input and shape how the communities on Terceira can be engaged in their local energy transition.

We will use the experience gained from Terceira to replicate the Capacity Building trainings on Fellow Islands Lampedusa, Nisyros, and Bora Bora.

The training on Terceira is organised together with the project partners Regional Government of the Açores (RGA), Electricidade dos Açores (EDA), and UNINOVA. Representatives from CleanWatts will provide input on energy communities in Portugal.

Are you a citizen of Terceira and are you interested in taking past in the training? 

Agenda Stakeholder training 4th of July

Introduction to IANOS project by Regional Government of the Azores

Presentation on results from Terceira questionnaire by UNINOVA

Presentation on sustainable innovations on Terceira by Regional Government of the Azores

Introduction to energy communities by CleanWatts

Best practices on community engagement by New Energy Coalition

Workshop about the energy transition and community engagement

Round table discussion, conclusions, and wrap-up

Agenda Citizen trainings 6th of July

Arriving at Tomás de Borba Basic and Secondary School and StartUp Angra

Presentation on sustainable innovations on Terceira by Regional Government of the Azores

Debate on renewable energy and community engagement


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