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Utilising Energy Flexibility

IANOS Centralized Dispatcher and how it works
July 31, 2023
 - 14:33

We are developing a so-called Centralized Dispatcher which is responsible for creating the optimal dispatch and control of all assets in the field trials at the islands of Ameland and Terceira. The goal of the Centralized Dispatcher is to utilise the energy flexibility offered by devices such as (Hybrid) heat pumps, (heat) batteries, CHPs, and EVs and match that with an increasing amount of intermittent renewable energy production from wind and solar PV. Typical supported use cases are increasing self-consumption of renewable energy, increasing the integration of renewables in the local grid, avoiding curtailment, market-based optimisation and supporting grid operators with congestion management and power quality.

The software was not developed from scratch but extends three existing controllers: TNO ReFlex, CERTH OptiMEMS and CleanWatts Kiplo. The architecture of the complete system is shown in the figure. ReFlex and Kiplo are deployed at Ameland, OptiMEMS and Kiplo at Terceira. These controllers are supported by several modules that are created within IANOS. A secure enterprise service bus handles all communication between devices, controllers and other modules. It provides encrypted communication, storage of measurements and retrieval of historical data. The forecasting and intelligent segmentation modules provide the necessary forecasting of consumption and production of the different devices. Without forecasts, the optimisation provided by the controllers would not be possible.


IANOS Centralized Dispatcher. iVPP Operative Orchestration Toolkit.
IANOS iVPP Operative Orchestration Toolkit.

Additionally, prices are forecasted for aggregators that optimise their portfolio by increasing consumption and storage of energy when prices are low or decreasing energy consumption when prices are high. A peer-to-peer transactive framework supports energy communities to trade electricity surplus between community members and foster internal energy exchange. A Virtual Energy Console completes the developed modules: it provides extensive insight into the operation of the optimised system.

More information about the IANOS Centralized Dispatcher and how it works can be found in IANOS Deliverable 4.10. This deliverable will be uploaded to our website once approved for publication.

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