IANOS will be presenting a paper at SUPERHR 23, held in Savona, Italy, and organised by the University of Genoa.

EU Geographical Islands as Leaders of Green Energy

Windturbines on the island of Terceira, Portugal

The workshop, in its 5th edition (SP2019 – SP2022), has the scope to reinforce the synergies already created among the H2020 sister projects dealing with Island Decarbonisation and Clean Energy Transition. Presentations addressed experiences with EU bodies, financial schemes, and technical outcomes.

Capacity Building training session on Terceira Island

How can citizens and stakeholders be engaged in the energy transition on islands? Which benefits and challenges do local parties foresee in developing renewable energy? How can we overcome such challenges? These and many more questions are the focus of the Capacity Building training sessions taking between the 4th and 6th of July 2023 on the pilot island of Terceira in the Azores, Portugal.

Community Engagement Training Samsø

The aim of this Community Engagement Training is to foster a train-the-trainer approach and to facilitate a knowledge base for the IANOS island partners.

CE4EUI Forum 2022

clean energy for eu island forum ianos

17-18 May 2022 – Rhodes, Greece  –  May 17, 2022 IANOS at CE4EUI Forum 2022 FROM CLEAN ENERGY VISION TO CLEAN ENERGY ACTION Since its beginning IANOS Consortium worked closely with the Clean Energy for European Island Secretariat. Hence, the Clean Energy for EU Islands Forum 2022, held in Rhodes on the 17-18 May 2022, […]

ENLIT Europe 2021

Interoperability and data exchange to support digitalisation  –  March 1, 2022 Interoperability and data exchange to support digitalisation ETRA presented IANOS at the international event Enlit Europe 2021 in the session “Interoperability and data exchange to support digitalisation” on 1st December 2021. The aim of the project presentation was to analyse the following points: Data […]

IANOS at Lampedusa

The island of Lampedusa, Italy

Sfide ed Opportunità nella Transizione Energetica Workshop  –  October 11, 2021 Lampedusa, hybrid workshop IANOS is organising a workshop dedicated to the main challanges and opportunities regarding the clean energy transition process on islands, specifically focusing on the Italian island of Lampedusa. In particular, national and regional regulations may present different obstacles towards this process, as […]

6th Annual Energy Transition Symposium

Looking Ahead with Optimism, Beyond the Covid Era  –  September 29, 2021 Smartification and Decarbonisation of Islands Glad to announce that our Project coordinator, Nuno Marinho, from Energias De Portugal – EDP, will present at the 6th Annual Energy Transition Symposium – “Looking Ahead with Optimism, Beyond the Covid Era”. This important event has been […]